Campus Love Movie 2019 | My Girlfriend is an Agent, Eng Sub | Comedy Action film, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2019 First run romance movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent" is about a campus love story. An undercover was caught by a criminal group. At the critical moment, he put the memory card into a student's bag. Xu Xiaojing, a police cadet, was ordered to sneak into a campus as the ID of a new student, to protect the witnesses and find evidences to expose the criminal group..
Studio: Fang's Invest, The Funny Film
Producer: Fang Shangjian, Xian Chao
Director: Li Guo
Writer: Yang Jing, Xian Chao, Wang Zhihan, Li Guo
Starring: Yuan Leiying
Genres: #Romance, Comedy, #Action
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  • It's a comedy, action and romance movie fit for young people. We add Cloased Captions of 16 languages for our international fans, please find "setting" icon to show it. Thanks for "Like", "Share" and "comment"

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  • My girlfriend is a lesbian

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  • 2020

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  • I wish I could fall in love with her💖💖

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  • This movie is a bit weird.

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  • February 13 2020 watching from Philippines

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  • Shit Comedy Movie.

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  • My Girl Friends Is An Alien? - - - - - My Girlfriend Is An Agent?? True?😂

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  • 帮助您寻找新的中国电影供观看 시계를위한 새로운 중국 영화를 찾는 데 도움이됩니다 It's help for finding new movie for watch Movie : cry me a river Song : shameless Time: approx 3:40

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  • I think the man here. is the kid of CJ I think 😅 lol. lmao

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