13 Easy Hairstyles And Hair Hacks!

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A hairstyle can radically change your usual look! Do you want something new? Then watch our new video, where we collected 13 hair hacks.
Supplies and tools:
• Container with glitter
• Hair ties
• Hair spray
• Hair drier
• Elastic bands
• Hairpins
• Sock
• Rubber band
• Bobby hairpins
• Printed screenshot of a chat
• Scissors
• Scotch tape
• Hairclips
• Hair stick pins
• Hot gun
• Elastic band
• Hairstyle instrument
• Snap clip
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrush
• Book
• Comb
• Hair tie
• Hair ties
• Powder
• Brush
• Felt-tip pens
• Gloves
• Container with water
• Empty container
• Drinking straw
• Hair die without pigment
• Foil
• Wooden stick
• Cleaning wipe
• Scissors
• Bobby hair pins
• Hairpins
• Hot gun
• Package from French fries
• Manicure instruments
• Bottle from Coca-Cola
• Hot gun
• Hair hoop.
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  • Why would you even do some of these

  • Don't put tooth past in you hair it will tangle it.And it q will take you a week to brush it.Trust me, I have done it

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